Hi, I’m Andre.

This is where I write about becoming a man of God, love, liberty, family, and my entrepreneurial adventure.


To leverage my gifts, talents, and resources to experience all that God has in store for me while furthering his kingdom. And to help others to do the same.

Me and my lovely wife, Angela.


Identity forms the basis for everything a person becomes, pursues, or does in life. My identity is rooted in this one foundational reality: I am a child of God purchased by the completed work of Jesus Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. I am adopted into God’s family. My story is a scene in God’s Story.


To fulfill the Great Commission in my life, being led by the Holy Spirit, and teaching others to do the same. For me, this means pursuing Biblical United States Citizenship–defending and promoting the Christian roots of our nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic, whilst providing exemplary professional services with honor and integrity.


God has entrusted me with certain gifts, skills, talents, and wealth. One day I will give him an account of how I invested everything he entrusted me. My goal is to return to him a vast return on his investment, having stewarded the life he gave me responsibly. That means becoming a fantastic husband, father, grandfather, patriot, and leader. It also means investing in other peoples’ lives and livelihood for their good and for the Kingdom of God.


Patriot Academy Constitution Coach

Missouri Activism

Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Agency for homeowners and investors

Estate Planning

Insurance Services

Financial Professional